Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stay Organized!

You and your children’s wardrobe can always look its best, if you have what’s needed for fast fixes at the ready, according to an article in the October 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. Start by corralling your mending supplies in a small kit or box. Below are some ideas to get organized.

1. Mending Essentials - The basic kits: all- purpose polyester thread (white, beige, black, and navy), various sizes of needles, scissors, a seam ripper, safety and straight pins, dental floss, measuring tape or ruler, fusible webbing, craft glue, and garment chalk.

2. Shoe-In - Help your shoes maintain their shape with DIY shoe trees, crumpled odor-absorbing newspaper for sneakers or flats, and rolled magazines for boots. Keep an emery board nearby to buff stains from suede (gently rub across spots to refresh the nap) and Swiffer-style sheet to dust seldom worn shoes.

3. On The Go - Store these helpers in your bag or at the office: stain-fighting wipes or a pen, like GH Seal-holding Tide to Go (when using , work from the stain’s edge inward to avoid spreading the splotch); garment tape to secure a fallen hem or gapping shirt for a day; clear nail polish to stop pantyhose runs; and a lint roller (tape works in a pinch).


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