Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Citizen's Call To Action

Image located on Chicago Tribune site.
President Barack Obama meets with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in the Oval Office at the White House on his first day at his new office.
(White House photo by Pete Souza / January 21, 2009)

President Obama called all citizens to action in his inaugural speech and again when he addressed America today. He stated that his cabinet and staff were to look out for ordinary citizen opinions and solutions to the massive problems we are faced with as a nation.

Therefore, we must collectively give this administration our solutions to better the educational system in this country. If we do not address this immediately, we will not be able to complain when new legislation and ideas are implemented. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students must participate in this opportunity to make the necessary changes that will make a difference in getting successful results for our schools. We are in the trenches and know what works and what does not work.

Currently, school systems, administrators, and teachers are held accountable for student learning. Standardize testing is used to measure if student learning has taken place. Realistically, all students will never meet the current expected criteria. If a student is in the lower percentile in student learning and makes a projected amount of progress, that should be considered successful for that particular child. If a student is in the higher percentile scale of achievement, they must also show that they have progressed and are being challenged according to their higher skill set(s). We must look at the individual child and make sure educational goals are set and met in a timely manner.

I also feel that parents and students must be held accountable for student learning. It is not good enough to place all the responsibility on teachers and school systems. Parents and students must pledge to do their part in making sure education is a priority. TV sets, computers, and electronic games must be turned off and books must be opened. Students must pledge to strive for excellence and take their studies seriously. They must understand the importance of getting an education and assist in making sure it happens for everyone and attend school every day possible.

These are only two ideas for improving education in this country. What ideas do you have? This is an open challenge to all peoples across the world. You have ideas, please share them with us!

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