Sunday, January 25, 2009

Discovered on facebook - "One Million Students for Quality Public Education"

Below is a description and link to a wonderful group I discovered on facebook earlier today. The group and their associated online petition targets participation among those ages 13-24. At the time of this posting their web page quotes their petition at 23,838 signatures. It is a tremendous example of our youth's interest in the future and the hope that resides in all age groups regarding the collectives ability to improve of country's educational system.

Group Name: One Million Students for Quality Public Education

Web Address:
facebook Group URL:

Group Description: This group is for people who believe that education is one of the most important issues facing America today and that we must make dramatic improvements in our nation's schools.

Why do we need to improve our public education system?

- More than a million American youth drop out of high school every year…

- In 2003, US 10th graders finished 24th out of 29 developed countries in math and problem solving, and two-thirds of our fourth graders failed to read at grade level proficiency...

- The impacts of poor quality education are felt most strongly by low-income children, children of color, and children who happen to be born in the wrong city or state:

* Children in poor families are 7 times less likely to have the chance to go to college than children in rich families; and

* By the age of 17, African-American and Latino youth on average are already four years behind their white and Asian peers in reading and math.

NEED ANY MORE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THIS GROUP AND SIGN THE PETITION? CHECK OUT its sister group at and read some of the amazing stories that students are posting about their troubled public schools on the wall!


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