Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laying The Goundwork for Kindergarten Reading Success: Part 1

According to an article from education.com by Lawren Allphin a parent must lay the groundwork for their kindergarten child to be a successfl reader.  Below is part 1 of the article:
Who’s more excited about the prospect of your child learning to read, you or him? It’s a hard call. At this point, he's so close, he can taste it. And he's so eager, he might just choose the power to read over x-ray vision, or even a new Transformer guy. For parents, excitement is usually tinged with worry. You’re excited alright, but it’s a mixture of happy excitement for your child's future success, and nervous excitement for his future struggles. Parents want so badly for their child's progress in reading to be smooth and easy. As a teacher, I'm here to tell you: while it may be smooth, easy is not usually the most apt label for this giant milestone.
That said, there are some very practical and easy things you can do at home to pave the road to reading. And it's never too early to start! Jerlean Daniel, Deputy Executive Director at the National Association for the Education of Young Children says that the process of raising a great reader starts well before kindergarten. But as kindergarten approaches, it's important to ramp things up. Where to begin? According to Daniel, there are three major things that prepare children to read: reading aloud to them, engaging them in one-on-one conversations, and giving them lots of opportunities to write. Read on tomorrow to find out why these components are so vital and how to incorporate them into your child's day.


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