Friday, September 2, 2011

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences: Part 5

Below is part 5 of the article on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences written by Thomas R. Hoerr, Ph.D. Makes sure you read the entire article to get all the information. I will be posting parts of the article this week.Interpersonal

While understanding your child's style helps you speak to his strengths, it is also important to give him opportunities to strengthen his weaknesses: Even if you're sure your child is a linguistic learner, there is plenty to be gained from engaging him in spatial or musical experiences. Here's a look at interpersonal and intrapersonal  intelligences and the types of activities and experiences children tend to excel at with that learning style:


What it is: Understanding people and relationships. These children have many friends and tend to mediate between them and be excellent team players.

Whenever possible, involve your child in group games and discussions. Turning a science experiment into an activity to do with friends can be the best way to engage an interpersonal learner. Your child will probably enjoy playing with puppets, dolls and small figures.


What it is: The ability to use one's emotional life as a means to understand oneself and others. Children with this type of intelligence control their own feelings and moods and often observe and listen. They do best when working alone.

Encourage your child to think about how new experiences make him feel and offer him plenty of chances to explore topics on his own. To involve an intrapersonal learner in a science project, ask him to describe his experiences and emotions. A camera, drawing pad and blank journal can help your child record and think about his observations.


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