Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tip #20: Journal With Your Child

There is nothing more important in a child’s life than building memories. Things happen every day that are forgotten. If you and your child start to journal at least once a week it can be a treasure for years to come. That is bring us to tip #20.

Tip #20: Journal with your child.
Journaling can be a really rewarding and educational experience for you and your child. It will help him/her learn to develop strong written communication skills. When a child can put their thoughts and experiences on paper, it is both empowering and inspirational. Have them start with just short entries of the important and memorable experiences of the day or week. This will soon turn into longer entries and ultimately their work will become a life story. It will be fun to share and look back on, as well as a journal of memories. It is a perfect bonding activity and can be a family project until the kids can journal for themselves.


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