Friday, October 28, 2011

Tip #34: Show and Tell Your ChildrenYou Love Them.

There is no better gift in the world than to give "LOVE". So many children and adults are angry, depressed, and unhappy this moment because they've had no one to show them this most important lifeline. This brings us to tip #34.

Tip #34: Show and tell your children you love them.

When I was growing up we had a very close loving family. I knew I was loved and supported, but we rarely said the words, "I love you". When my mother was diagnosised with terminal cancer we found these words easier to say for the first time. Now my father and sisters say it to each other and to our children and grandchildren all the time. It is just ashame that it took something like illness or death to see the importance of telling people you love them. I'm not saying use the words until they are almost mechanical, but using them to really express feelings and emotions. Our children need hugs and to hear the words, "I love you". This teaches them how to express true feelings of emotions. How you treat and express feelings at home is exactly how your child expresses him/herself at school and in public. So, why not show and tell your loved ones today that you love them? It really doesn't hurt and it will make your family closer and emotionally healthier!


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