Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Best STEM toys ages 6 to 8: Part 3

With the Holiday Seasons right around the corner, below are some suggestions for educational toys that can be fun and intellectually stimulating.

Best STEM toys ages 6 to 8
The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy

From treasure hunts to microscopic views, these 2011 Golden Apple Award winners will educate as much as they entertain.
By GreatSchools Staff

Appeals to ages 6+

What it teaches: astronomy, cosmology, navigation, hands-on learning

This simply elegant learning kit from the ingenious Klutz team packs a world of learning into one tidy box that includes a telescope, sundial, night-sight flashlight, star and moon maps, and scores of activities. Constructed out of stiff paper and simple lenses, the telescope is fairly easy for a child to assemble (although kids may need some adult help) and get working. The sundial is also a cinch to assemble and to use — no batteries required. Our kid testers enjoyed assembling the telescope and the sun dial, and figuring out exactly how they worked and why.

The kit also includes a Lunatic Wheel for Moon Gazers, a Galactic Passport your child can use to record the phases of the moon and constellations she's observed, easy-to-use star maps, and a plethora of fascinating facts about the sun, moon, and planets.

Bottom line: Everything to launch your child into a hands-on galactic adventure.


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