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ADHD Symptom Checklist

ADHD Symptom Checklist
Below is a checklist on ADHD symptoms that I got from an article our guidance counselor put in her latest newsletter to parents.

NOTE: This test is not intended to diagnose or to replace the care of a health care professional.
Part One The first part of the test covers signs of distractibility. Check each of the following statements that apply to your child.

___My child makes careless mistakes.
___It's very difficult for my child to stay focused on homework or other tasks.
___My child rarely completes an activity before moving to the next activity.
___Even when spoken to directly, my child seems to not be paying attention.
___My child is disorganized and even with my help can't seem to learn how to become organized.
___My child frequently loses things like homework and personal belongings.
___My child tries to avoid activities that require sustained concentration and a lot of mental effort.
___My child frequently forgets to do things, even when constantly reminded.
___Even the smallest distractions throw my child off task.

If you checked six or more of these behaviors, your child may have inattentive type ADD. However, your child may have ADD even if fewer than six of these behaviors were checked.

If you believe your child has ADD, check with your physicians or a licensed mental health practitioner. Treatments are available that can reduce substantially these neurologically based behaviors.


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