Friday, February 17, 2012

Tip #53: Teach Your Child the Heart of Service Toward Others

So many times we don't appreciate the blessings we have. If you teach your children about serving others less fortunate then themselves, they will appreciate what they have and develop a heart of giving. That brings us to tip #53.

Tip #53: Teach your child the heart of service toward others.

So many children don't know how fortunate they really are. All many kids want these days are what they see on TV or what other children have. It doesn't matter what your circumstances maybe, give your children the heart for helping those who have less. Look around your community and see the areas that can be improved and discuss it. Why not visit elderly neighbors, nursing homes, food banks, soup kitchens, housing shelters, etc. Have your children write about their experiences while doing the service and talk about their feelings. It can be something they will never forget and may lead them to their career choices (ex. doctor, lawyer, teacher, social worker, etc.) Every U.S. citizen should commit to serving their community and nation at least one time a year. It could change the whole attitude about helping the less fortunate. We must start with ourselves and be aware of the needs around us, then take action, but don't forget to include your children when appropriate.


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