Friday, July 31, 2009

See The Beauty Around You

We are so busy moving back and forth that some times we forget to see the roses in our path. Stop for a minute and look around! Look at all the wonderful people and things you've been blessed to encounter. Stop and take a deep breath! Smell, feel, touch, and experience your surroundings. Teach your children to stop and appreciate their surroundings. You can really miss so much moving blindly through life. Open your eyes and look around. There is beauty everywhere! There is beauty in nature, in a child's smile, in the eyes of a loved one, the wag of a dogs tail, and the wings of a butterfly. So, stop right now and experience the beauty around you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

Why not commit a random act of kindness today! It doesn't have to cost a lot of money or any money at all. It could be getting someone a cup of coffee, a cheerful card, help in the yard, a kind word or smile, a ride to the store, doctors, or the bank. The world would be a better place if everyone would commit a random act of kindness every week. You don't even have to plan it. A random act of kindness can just happen. Encourage your children to get involve. It will enrich your lives.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cooking Lessons

I remember going to my grandmother's house every Sunday after church. We always had fried chicken, ham, macaroni and cheese, string beans, candy yams, hot rolls, you name it. The art of good homemade cooking is dying and the only way to save these priceless recipes is to get in the kitchen of the great cooks and take some cooking lessons before its too late. Make sure you take you children with you because they need to learn how to cook too. Many recipes have already been lost and never to be retrieved. There is nothing more comforting then sitting down to a well prepared home cooked meal. So, stop going to these restaurants and fast food places and learn how to put a smile on your families faces by cooking your family's traditional recipes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Owe No Man Anything!

It is very important to teach our children the importance of money and how to manage it. The difficulty in this lesson is you can not teach something you don't understand yourself. Therefore, getting the family finances in order is a must. If you have to purchase books, listen to tapes, take a course in family finances, or ask someone who manages money well in order to get on the road of financial freedom then by all means do so. Make sure you teach your children to put away 10% of their monthly earnings for emergencies. Children will usually follow the same spending patterns as there parents. So, you must teach them the importance of money management. A good philosophy to live by is "Owe no man anything, but love". If you can implement that into your life you will be more than wealthy you will have less worries and more gratitude.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Say "I Love You"

When I was growing up we had a very close loving family. I knew I was loved and supported, but we rarely said the words, "I love you'. When my mother was diagnosised with terminal cancer we found these words easy to say for the first time. Now my father and sisters say it to each other and to our children and grandchildren. It is just ashame that it takes something like illness to see the importance of telling people you love them. I'm not saying use the words until they are almost mechanical, but using them to really express feelings and emotions. Our children need hugs and to hear the words, "I love you", so they learn how to express true feelings of emotions. Why not tell your loved ones today that you love them and there will be no regrets!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Need Responsible Youth

We must teach our children to be responsible. So many times children get to school and don't know what it even means to be responsible for their actions, personal items, or school work. Some parents are doing too much for their children and handicapping them. Kids should have chores that they are responsible to complete in a timely manner. Demonstrate the expected chore and how it is to be completed. Appropriate consequences and rewards should be attached if those chores are/ are not completed in a satisfactory manner. Let your child complete homework and reports as independently as possible. Make them responsible for the grades they receive. It will make them a better student and adult. So, start today and let your child have some responsibilities. They will thank you later.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take Care of Yourself

In this busy world it is easy to forget to take a little time for yourself. You need to refuel and fill up your tank to keep driving down the winding roads of life. Many people don't realize how they are riding on empty. In order to be the best person, spouse, parent, friend, and worker you must spend a little time by yourself. Reflecting and growing personally. Why not meditate, get a manicure or pedicure, listen to soothing music, take a walk in nature, curl up with a good book, or go to the hairdresser and get a new style? Simply do whatever will fill your tank, just take the time and do it. Your children will see a more content and happy person and they will feel more at peace. What a wonderful gift to your family.

Some more ideas: start a small garden, take a class on something you really want to learn more about, learn to play an instrument, read or write some poetry, pull out the camera and take some photos of everything, paint a picture, or take up a new activity like golf.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Law of Attraction

Encourage Your Kids to Dream Big!

We must teach our children the principles behind the "Law of Attraction". What you think about (whether it be positive or negative) will happen. Give them a positive outlook of themselves and their future. Talk about their dreams and encourage them to dream BIG. Sadly, we often don't think big enough, therefore many of our children have no idea that everything is possible. The brain is like a computer and can only process what you put into it. So, safeguard what they see and hear. Put in trash get out trash, put in violence reap violence. Conversely, pour in love and compassion and grow little gardens of loving and compassionate kids. Expose them to the stories and lives of people who have achieved great feats in areas of their dreams.

Next, teach them to take ACTION toward making their dreams come true. No dream can become reality without action. They must study hard at school and develop all the skills needed to become the best at what they desire. Assist them in developing plans for achievement and encourage them to apply diligent effort towards their plans. Give your children the gift of attracting whatever their mind can conceive. Give them permission and help guide and support them to making those dreams realities.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Encourage your child to start journaling. It is a way to improve written communication skills and an outlet for expressing internal feelings. Suggest they draw pictures to illustrate each entry. This will be treasured and could be shared forever. Why not make it a family project and journal together daily, weekly, or whenever possible. This is another way to bring you closer together and keep everyone up to date on what is happening in each others' lives. Journaling can be a life saver and eye opener. So, buy a small notebook and start journaling today and encourage your children to do the same and pass on a legecy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Must Teach Your Children Service

So many times we don't appreciate the blessings we have. If you teach your children about serving others less fortuntate then themselves, they will appreciate what they have and develop a heart of giving. Look around your community and see the areas that can be improved and discuss it. Why not visit elderly neighbors, nursing homes, food banks, soup kitchens, housing shelters, etc. President Obama has asked each citizen to commit to serving their community and nation. We must start with ourselves, but don't forget to include your children when appropriate.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Man in the Mirror

When I look back over my life I can hear my mother's voice directing and encouraging me and my sisters. Now I talk to my children and grandchildren and I hear her voice coming out of my mouth. How can that be? You must remember that the things you say and do will be imprinted on the hearts and minds of your loved ones. Somethings you want to be sure to pass on to generations and somethings you need to stop now!!! Before you speak or act while dealing with your impressionable children, think about is this something I want to continue to my grandchildren and great grandchildren? Make sure you encourage, live by example, but most of all direct your children in love!

Exercising is a Must

When I was a child, children played outside from early morning until early evening. We made up games, played tag, hide and seek, ball, jump rope, and anything we could create. Today, children are on the internet, playstation, watching TV, and are not getting the exercise they need. Turn off the computer and TV and get out every day for 45-60 minutes of activity. It will make all the difference in your childens' overall health. Get out there and join them. You will feel better too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Entire Family Should Eat Healthier

Why not decide to take steps for a healthier lifestyle? Stop eating fast foods and save money at the same time. Sit down and make up everyones favorite menus and shop from that list. You may find a real chef in the making. Make sure you include fruits, vegetables, meat or protein, dairy, and grains every day. Everyone in the family will feel better and have more energy. When you eat healthier, the doctor's visits should decrease and physical activity should increase. So, make that list of menus today and start enjoying life!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spend Quality Time With Your Child

Why not spend some quality time with your child. You can schedule it the same time every week! Start going for walks together, or to the park, library, or local museums. It does not have to cost you a cent, just some time. Start a collection that interest you and the child.. You may decide to collect coins, stamps, dolls, shells, rocks, angels, model cars, etc.. Read about your collection and become experts. Go to yard sales and try to find little gems to add to the collection. You will find that the times you spend together will be remembered for the rest of your lives. Just enjoy some quality time together and see what happens! Your child will be happier and so will you.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Talk to Your Child

Why not sit down and have a family meeting and talk to your child? Tell your child/children what is going on in your life and listen to your child's/childrens' experiences. You may find out you can help one another and bring your family closer together. It is extremely important to know what and how your child/children are thinking. That way you can correct and help them through difficult decisions. Make sure you listen carefully and live by example. So, just schedule a little time to talk with you child/children today.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Reading During the Summer Break

Do you want to know how to keep your child interested in learning during the summer break? Read to your child or have them read 15-30 minutes every day. You will see an improvement in their overall academic performance during the school year and reading will widen their interest in other topics. Let them read topics that interest your child and discuss the book together. Read with your child and have a WONDERFUL summer break.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love is the Most Important Thing for a Child

The most important gift you can give your child is unconditional love. You must have high expectations for your child's behavior and accomplishments, but realistic and achievable expectations. Above all things let your child know you love them unconditionally!

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