Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Not To Worry About The Pounds At The Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanksgiving is the time for enjoying your favorite dishes and desserts.  It is a time when family and friends gather together to give thanks for all they are blessed to have.  What can a people do when they are faced with all that delicious food and baked goods when the are trying to keep their weight under control.  Below are 7 suggestions on a worry free festive Thanksgiving:

1. Eat only until you are comfortably full.  Don't eat until you are stuffed.  That is when the extra pounds will creep in.
2. Slow down when you are eating.  Eating too fast tends to cause overeating.  Eat slower and savor every bite. 
3. Use low fat substitutes in recipes where you can.  Use low fat cream, milk, and margarine instead of butter, for example.  Many times these substitutes really aren't noticed in the taste.
4. Take small amounts of everything.  Try to take small portions of each entry or eat on a smaller plate.  That will keep you from overloading your plate with unwanted calories.
5. Eat only the things you love to eat.  If it isn't something you absolutely love, skip it. 
6. Take a walk instead of a nap after the meal.  Ask the children and family members to join you.  Talk about family history and enjoyable times together.
7. Go to the Thanksgiving feast with every intention of enjoying your family, friends, and food.  Don't worry yourself with counting every calorie.


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