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25 Killer Khan Academy Videos for Personal Finance Geeks: Part 3

25 Killer Khan Academy Videos for Personal Finance Geeks

April 24th, 2012 by Staff Writers

According to an article from, Khan Academy is host to more than 3,000 video lessons that touch on everything from humanities to test prep, but a particular strength of the site is its personal finance videos. Covering everything from the stock market to payday loans and estate taxes, the site has a lot to offer in the way of personal finance learning. Although some of these videos go over basic concepts, we're sure that personal finance geeks can truly enjoy the wealth of knowledge available from Khan. Here, we've hand-selected 25 of the most impressive personal finance lessons that Khan Academy has made available. Below are the suggested lessons 11-15:

11.Introduction to Interest
Interest rates are an important part of finance, impacting your money each time you make a loan, or give one, even in the form of a savings account. Check out Introduction to Interest to better understand this topic, and specifically learn about the difference between simple and compound interest.

12.Term and Whole Life Insurance Policies
If you're researching your options for life insurance policies, this video can help you determine whether you should get term, whole life, or a combination of the two different policies.

13.Term and Whole Life Insurance Policies 2
A continuation of the previous video, Term and Whole Life Insurance Policies 2 discusses what exactly happens when someone dies, and it's time for a cash payout on a whole life policy.

14.Term Life Insurance and Death Probability
One of the darkest subjects in personal finance, this video discusses your chances of dying as they relate to getting term life insurance.

15.Open-Ended Mutual Funds
If you're interested in starting an investment with open-ended mutual funds, this video can provide some education, sharing the basics you need to know about mutual funds.


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