Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tip #67: Single Parent Must Build a Positive Support System.

The family has changed greatly over the years. Today we have about half of the families being headed by a single parent. That brings us to tip #67.

Tip #67: Single Parent Must Build a Positive Support System.

It is not easy raising children with two parents let alone raising a child or children by a single parent. There are some things that a single mom or dad can do to help get through the challenges of raising children alone.

1. Make sure you are mentally healthy and happy while in your singleness. A happy healthy parent is the key!
2. Never speak negatively about the absent parent. Most children will figure what each parent's contribution has truly been to their lives in time .
3. Try to get the absent parent to be a part of the child's life if possible. If not, leave it alone and move on to making it with you and your child/children.
4. Find a support system of people to help. This can be grandparents, uncles, aunt, church members, or friends. It takes a village to raise children and sometimes you will need a break.
5. Keep open communications with your child and know how they are feeling about the family's current standings.
6. Try to get as much education as you can to support you and your family.
7. Never introduce your friend into the family circle until the relationship is serious, and don't keep a revolving door of suitors coming and going. It sends the wrong message and is very confusing to a child.
8. Be involved as much as possible in your child's education and extracurricular activities.


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