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25 Killer Khan Academy Videos for Personal Finance Geeks: Part 5

25 Killer Khan Academy Videos for Personal Finance Geeks

April 24th, 2012 by Staff Writers

According to an article from, Khan Academy is host to more than 3,000 video lessons that touch on everything from humanities to test prep, but a particular strength of the site is its personal finance videos. Covering everything from the stock market to payday loans and estate taxes, the site has a lot to offer in the way of personal finance learning. Although some of these videos go over basic concepts, we're sure that personal finance geeks can truly enjoy the wealth of knowledge available from Khan. Here, we've hand-selected 25 of the most impressive personal finance lessons that Khan Academy has made available. Below are suggested lessons 21-25:

21.Estate Tax Basics
It's been said that nothing's for sure but death and taxes; this video combines the two. Watch Estate Tax Basics to get an overview of the inheritance tax, whether you're a recipient or saving for the future.

22.The Housing Price Conundrum
The housing market of 2000 to 2006 saw an astronomical rise in prices, but classical economics tells us that this never should have happened. The Housing Price Conundrum discusses how exactly housing prices reached the levels they did, despite going against the laws of supply and demand.

23.Housing Price Conundrum (part 2)
Building further on The Housing Price Conundrum, part 2 takes a look into how lower lending standards led to an inflation in housing prices.

24.Investment vs. Consumption
When you spend money, are you making an investment, or simply consuming? This video helps to explain the difference between the two types of spending.

25.Investment vs. Consumption (part 2)

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Another video on the difference between investment and consumption, this one shares a few more examples of the two big ways to spend your money.


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