Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will Your Child Make New Friends This Summer? Teens: Part 2

Will Your Child Make New Friends This Summer?

Top tips on helping little ones learn how to recognize and be a good friend.
By GreatSchools Staff

Summer may be a child's idea of heaven — but it can also be a social minefield with kids starting new camps and summer internships. Whether you're raising a shrinking violet or a social butterfly, learn how you can help your younger child make friends.

Encourage to create courage
Faced with larger schools and moving between classrooms, your children may feel tentative in this new, fluid social scene. They may also be nervous about reaching out to other students. By encouraging them, you’re giving them the boost they may need to overcome their fears. When you see your kids doing something nice for a friend, make sure to mention it.

Friendship faux pas

You’ve told your children what makes a good friend — now’s it’s time to talk about what will stop a friendship in its tracks. Teach them not to brag, put others down, gossip, or judge people by their appearance. If you hear them doing any of these things, gently remind them what makes a good friend (and how it would feel to have this done to them). Older kids sometimes shelve their empathy, so it’s important to remind them the effect they can have on others.


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