Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Get The Best Education Possible: Tip #17

Many times there are situations that are unexpected while your child is at school.  There should always be an emergency plan or a plan B in place that your child understands and the school is aware of.  That brings us to tip #17.

Tip #17:  Have an emergency plan in place.

There are all kinds of unexpected situations that a parent needs to anticipate and have plan in place in case something happens.  If you are a working parent and your child gets sick, make sure your employer knows you may have to take sick leave or leave the job to pick child up from school.  Or you could have a support person who could pick up your child and take care of him/her until you are finished with work.  Just make sure the school has every person you want to take your child from the school on the list of people who have permission to remove your child.

If there is a weather day, or school is being dismissed early for whatever reason, have another parent in the classroom or have a support person in place so your child is not left at school in at these times.  You can have a carpool or take turns walking each other's children from school in emergencies, but make sure everyone concern knows exactly what to do and where to go.  The school year will go much smoother if you work these things out in advance.  Just try to think of every situation possible and find a plan B if you are unable to be at school at those times.


Anonymous September 29, 2010 at 4:52 PM  

I can't count the many times we needed a trip back to school to get a sick child. Usually my husband did the honors and I took them to the doctors, or used my uncanny knowledge of herbs. Hooray for your point well taken. Paulita

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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

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