Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why Gossip?

The happiest people spend two-thirds less time in small talk and have twice as many substantive conversations as less joyful folks, report University of Arizona and Washington University researchers, who analyzed 23,000 sound bites recorded from the daily lives of 79 people. Those having deeper conversations socialized more and watched TV less than habitual chit chatters. "Meaningful connections with other people are an important part of happiness," says coauthor Simine Vazire, Ph.D. You don't have to start a conversation about the Mideast conflict or the meaning of life on your Monday morning coffee break, "But for a few days, instead of gossiping, try sharing information or an opinion on something you care about," Vazire suggest, "and see if it lifts your mood."

We are role models for our children and should try not to gossip or have heated debates in their presence. It's not always easy not to gossip or debate, but it will show your children that meaningful conversation really does bring meaning and happiness to our lives. So, why gossip?


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