Friday, September 3, 2010

Still True.... After All These Years!

Many people believe that if they win the lottery, achieve fame, or have great wealth they would be totally and completely happy. All it takes is to look at some famous youngsters or children of wealthy parents to see that it is not always true. It takes inner peace and gratitude for what they have to begin appreciating all the blessings around them.
If a child is brought up to be selfish and self-serving, they will be sadly disappointed. The result of selfishness can be taking foolish risk or using dangerous drugs that totally destroy lives and families. Parents must make sure their children know who they are, where they come from, and where they are going. They also need to understand that there are people less fortunate and instill in their children a heart of service. Below are some suggestions on how to help instill happiness and contentment young lives.

1. Children should learn to appreciate the fact that the greatest happiness does not always come with the greatest wealth. Give them a fair allowance when they reach the age of handling money and make them save 10% or more of any money they receive. It will pay off big dividends in the end.
2. Have a scheduled dinner time as much as possible. Talk and listen to your child. Find out what they like and what they are concerned about.
3. Spend quality time with each child. If it is no more than twice a year, make a special day where you and the child do something alone that will build memories.
4. Show that you love and respect everyone in the family. The way you talk to one another and treat one another is going to be the example your children take out to the world. Don't expect your child to be respectful to adults or other children if they don't see it being done at home.
5. Make sure your children know how important it is to get "The Best Education Possible" and takes advantage of all opportunities that comes their ways. Be involved in every step of their education. It will certainly help determine their future.
6. Make sure your child feels loved and appreciated. But always let them know they will be respectful and responsible for their actions and will be rewarded or face consequences for every decision they make.
7. Take time to enjoy one another. Take a family vacation or just walks in nature. Spending time as a family is very important (examples: worship together, picnic, ride bikes, fishing, camping, skating, planting a garden).
8. Find some community service that you and your children can participate in (example: Meals on Wheels, soup kitchens, cut grass for elderly neighbors, animal shelters, visit the sick). This will let children see that there are people (and or animals) who need help and they will feel good about helping someone else.


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