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The 10 Most Legendary Prep Schools in America: Part 4

The 10 Most Legendary Prep Schools in America

Posted on Tuesday May 22, 2012
by Staff Writers from

While many students set their sights on top colleges by toiling away at public schools, a select few are able to afford the luxury of studying at highly exclusive prep schools. Many of these schools were established as feeders for renowned universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and are designed with the express goal of high-level college in mind. Often, the students at these schools are the sons and daughters of government figures, celebrities, business magnates, and even royalty. Many go on to fill these types of roles themselves. Naturally, there is a major air of prestige, history, and even legendary status when it comes to these schools. We’ve highlighted 10 of the most legendary of college prep schools, full of history, famous alumni, and even a few interesting stories. Below are prep schools seven and eight:

7 Deerfield Academy

Founded in 1787, Deerfield is among the oldest prep schools in the U.S., and is rumored to attract some of the most prestigious students, including European royalty. Even early on, Deerfield produced influential alumni that became the governors and congressmen of New England. Deerfield graduates include Medal of Honor recipient Rufus Saxton, Thomas Keating, gold medalist Allen Stack, members of the Rockefeller family, and Matthew Fox. Many Deerfield students go on to study at top-tier schools. Impressively, the academy is home to its very own printing press, Deerfield Academy Press, which publishes the work of student and faculty members.

8 Choate Rosemary Hall

Deerfield’s fierce rival, Choate Rosemary Hall, stands up to its reputation with an incredible history of excellence, with many students regularly participating in high-level academic, scientific, and artistic competitions like the American Mathematics Competitions and performances at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The campus is home to many historic sites, including the 1774 homestead with a secret passage that may have been a part of the Underground Railroad. Some of Choate’s most famous alumni include President John F. Kennedy, Edward Albee, Jamie Lee Curtis, Glenn Close, and Nicholas Negroponte.


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