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Using Standard Technology to Enhance Learning: Part 5

Using Standard Technology to Enhance Learning: Part 5

By Lisa Wahl, M.A.

You probably know about assistive technology (AT) tools that can help students with learning disabilities (LD) with reading, writing, math, listening and organization. Perhaps you have purchased educational software for your child. However, you may not be aware of the extent to which the computer hardware and software you already own may include several features and functions that can improve your child's academic performance. In this article, we will explore how electronic text can be adapted to assist students with LD. The use of standard technologies to enhance and support reading can benefit students as young as third-graders, throughout their education, and into the working world. You and your child will want to experiment with the techniques described in this article to find those that help him most.

Getting started, and looking to the future
This article describes just some of the strategies for using electronic text to enhance learning. Your child can benefit from knowing how to adapt text to his particular needs, but he may need your support and guidance to explore the various alternatives. Be sure to encourage your child to become proactive in making his own adaptations and telling teachers what works for him. Technology offers so many options that it's the rare person who remembers all the great features of even a single piece of software. Learning to use standard technology effectively will increase your child's independence and his ability to achieve in school and in life.

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