Monday, June 4, 2012

Tip #72: Your Child's School Should Have the Ingredients for an Effective School.

In order for a school to be truly effective, there must be the perfect recipe and perfect ingredients. That brings us to tip #72.

Tip #72: Your Child's School Should Have the Ingredients for an Effective School.

4 cups of a superintendent, principal, and school board with vision and energy
6 Tablespoons of skilled, dedicated, willing to learn, motivated teachers
3 teaspoons of concerned, involved, willing to discipline when necessary, parents
4 1/2 cups of excited, hard working, well behaved students

1. Preheat school building to 72 loving degrees Fahrenheit.

2. First you must pour in 4 cups of leaders that have a vision for success and know how to make that vision come alive for everyone involved. They can verbalize the vision and get everyone to buy in. You must combine the 4 cups of leaders in a large functioning building with all the staff, materials, curriculum, and technology needed to make it smooth and fluffy.

3. Next you mix in 6 heaping Tablespoons of skilled, dedicated teachers. They must be able to do whatever it takes to make this school the perfect consistency. They should be able to apply the latest research strategies and individualize lessons so all students are engaged in learning. They should also be deeply in love with the process of learning, sharing ideas and seeing every student as a perfected work in progress. You blend that with the principal and vision until the consistency is thick and blended well.

4. Blend in 3 leveled teaspoons of concerned and involved parents. The parents are the right spice of partnership that is needed to give every school the sweet aroma of success. They cover their children with encouragement and positive attitudes about learning and consistent appropriate discipline. They turn off the heat of the TV, video games, and cell phones during the process of baking "The Best Education Possible". They attend PTA meetings, conferences, and special programs. Roll out the batter on the cooking board of knowledge and kneed the dough until the vision of the school leaders, teachers, and parents have rise together.

5. Finally, you add 4 heaping cups of excited, hard working, well behaved students. They respect the entire recipe and understand the importance of mixing well with all the other ingredients. They are self-motivated and rise to every occasion and want the baking process to be perfect until all knowledge has been significantly added for easy consumption. They feel a sense of belonging and ownership to the recipe of excellence. Slowly add the future leaders of the world and sprinkle in respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness.

6. Allow the effective school to stand in a warm place until well done. Lastly, spread the icing of "Core" academic standards on top and enjoy "The Best Education Possible For Your Child!"


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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