Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eating Rights Can Help Prevent a Cold

According to an article written by Susan McQuillan, and  reviewed by QualityHealth's Medical Advisory Board, eating the right foods can help prevent a cold or, at the very least, help you feel better and get well quickly.
More than 500 million cases of the common cold and similar non-flu respiratory infections are reported every year in the United States and, in fact, the rhinovirus that causes colds is the most common infectious disease in humans worldwide. Yet we can't cure it, and in spite of a plethora of over-the-counter and prescription cold medications available, we can just barely relieve the symptoms. That's why prevention is still considered the best medicine.

There are many ways to fight off a cold, including good hygiene (wash your hands often during cold season!), staying away from people who are already infected, and reducing stress to help keep your immune system strong. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids every day, something we often forget to do in cold weather. You can also eat to beat the common cold by including plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and other immunity-boosting foods, in your diet every day.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Using vitamin C supplements to prevent or treat a cold is controversial because clinical studies have shown mixed results. One Japanese study, published in a 2006 issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that vitamin C helps reduce the number of colds but not their duration, and does not reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Using supplements may be controversial, but eating healthy food never is. That's why it's a good idea to get plenty of vitamin C and other antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables. Those that are particularly high in vitamin C include citrus fruit, cranberries, sweet red and green peppers, mango, kiwi, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and leafy green vegetables,. Lother good sources are fruit and vegetable juices fortified with vitamin C.


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