Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Math Activity: Part 1

According to an article in the spring 2011 issue of Instructor Magazine, numbers are everywhere, but do our children really notice. Below is a fun activity for teaching math to your child:

1. Take photos of various numbers around your neighborhood. For example, you might include road signs, house addresses, and numbers on food packages. Print these out with your child. There should be enough photos for everyone in the family.
2. Begin by talking about numbers. Ask your child, “Why do we have numbers? What are they for? What do numbers tell us?” Share some of your photos and discuss the purposes of the numbers in them. (For example, a speed limit sign tells us how fast we can go.)
3. Introduce the idea that numbers answer questions. If your child volunteers that numbers are in prices, for example, you might ask, “What question do numbers in prices answer?” (How much does it cost?) Record these questions on note cards for later use.
4. Give each family member a photo and recording sheet. Explain that you’d like students to write the purpose of their numbers on the sheet, and then share their thoughts with the family. Each member should record the purpose of each member’s number.
5. Allow your child and a family partner 10-15 minutes to work together. This activity leads itself well to group your child with someone more advanced to help in their thinking.


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