Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Helping Overweight Children

Helping an overweight child can be a touchy situation. No one wants their child to be overweight or obese. There are many issues that must be dealt with when you have an overweight child. Clothes shopping becomes an issue, children picking on the child, and the child's self-esteem suffers. A child who is overweight as a teenager has an 80% chance of being an overweight adult. How can you turn the tides without making your child miserable or resentful? Here are some pointers according to Leslie Whitaker, a reporter from Chicago.

1. Face the problem - Stop pretending that there is no problem. Admit there is a weight problem and discuss it honestly.

2. Make it a family affair - Everyone has to get on board and agree to eat more healthy. Get the junk food out of the house.

3. Sit down and eat dinner every evening - Planning and preparing healthy meals will make all the difference. Talk at dinner, it can be very revealing as to what is happening in every ones' life.

4. Make it fun - Try new foods. Buy one unusual fruit or vegetable every week and have a family taste test.

5. Never compare you child - Never compare your child to other siblings or children. It really hurts and causes long term damage

5. Turn of the TV and get moving - Include some type of exercise or activity.


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