Monday, August 31, 2009

Tips For The Sports Parents

Being a sports parent isn't just driving the mini van to the games. You are your child's unofficial coach, therapist, and #1 fan. Dr. Jordan Metzal, author of "The Young Athlete," has some rules to keep from driving your young athlete and yourself crazy:

1. Health To prevent overuse injuries, kids should start a supervised weight-lifting program at age 8 or 9 years old. Go for high reps of light weights less than three pounds, or use a soup can.

2.Diet: Make sure your kid's diet follow the food pyramid. Tell your kids they should never take performance enhancers. It is crazy, but surveys have found sixth graders using creatine.

3. Motivation: Give up on the idea of "constructive criticism". Positive reinforcement works better anyway. If your child doesn't want to play, don't make him or her.

4. Moderation: If your child is stressed at school, it's time to cut back on sports. Moderation goes for you too. Don't get over involved. Try skipping every third game or set a limit for the number of times you'll yell your child's name during a match.


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