Monday, August 24, 2009

How Can Education Change In This Country

Many citizens are concerned about the direction this country is going as far as education is concerned. As an educator, I am very concerned. I believe it will take a grassroots movement of concerned citizens from every walk of life coming together and agreeing that something must be done to improve the overall education of our children.

It will not be the politicians that argue on Capitol Hill making these decisions. I hope education does not turn into the circus that the health care issue has become. In order for education to really make a significant change we must share ideas.

What is working in your state, region, or city? What isn't working? Together we all must focus on models that are successful and develop manuals and detailed descriptions of these programs, so others can duplicate the outstanding programs that are working. There are numerous A+ schools in every state of this country. Let us go out and visit these schools and see why they are successful. If you live in a rural area, what works for a rural system may not work for a large inner city system, but can provide insights. We must share programs, ideas, and methods so every school can duplicate in some degree what has worked in a similar system. I know there are real solutions for our schools, but I also realize that there is not one cookie cutter program that will work for everyone. So, lets agree to search out the best schools and figure out how the school in your area can be the best.


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child

How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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