Sunday, October 11, 2009

In The Eyes Of An Innocent Child

Have you ever looked at life, through the eyes of an innocent child?

A child can see the best in me, and everything I do.

A child can sing a simple song, and have me singing too.

A child can speak the words of truth without intent or harm.

A child can reach my broken heart with a smile and out stretched arms.

A child can imagine anything, and fill my heart with joy.

A child can comfort my lonely soul, simply by sharing a favorite toy.

A child can laugh, and make a cruel world, seem a lighter place to live.

A child can touch my hardened heart, and open my hands to give.

A child can practice their ABCs, and always want to learn.

A child can love, and expect the same love, to be given in return.

What changes the lenses of someone's eyes, that makes sight so unclear?
What gives a person the sight of a blind man, full of hatred, lust, and fear?
A child sees the beauty in everyone's soul, and never discriminates.
So, why can't we see with the eyes of an innocent child?

Let's see before for it is too late!

By: Debra E. West


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How to get the Best Education Possible for Your Child
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