Monday, October 5, 2009

Safe Halloween Costumes

Whether you buy your child's Halloween costume or make your own, keep safety in mind. Candles are used quite a bit during Halloween and flammability is a top concern. According to Kathleen Huddy, a textile, paper, and plastics director, says that costumes with spray-on glitter (even if they claim to be flame-retardant) are the greatest risk, because the glue that holds the glitter on can be very flammable. It would be better to: sew on sequins if you must have sparkles. She also suggest that all costumes should be made of synthetic fabric, never cotton; generally, nylons and polyesters melt when they come in contact with a flame and cotton can ignite quickly and the flame can travel throughout the costume. Capes may be a danger if they are too long because they may get caught into a pumpkin's candle. So, this Halloween, please think safety when choosing or making your child's costume. It is better to be safe then sorry.


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