Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Picture Smart Child - Spatial Intelligence

The visual-spatial child mainly learns and thinks in pictures. They probably have good memory for faces and places, or notice little details that other people over-look. These children and adults can visualize and mentally manipulate objects, and usually are extremely good at solving puzzles. A lot of the visual spatial have a good sense of direction and also have very good hand-eye coordination, although this is normally seen as a body-kinesthetic intelligence. There is a high correlation between spatial and mathematical abilities, which seems to indicate that these two intelligences are not independent. If you or your child are picture smart or spatial you will remember faces better than names, like to draw out ideas to figure out a problem, see objects in your mind, enjoy building things, play lots of video games, notice styles of clothing, hair, cars, bikes, read or draw maps for fun, enjoy looking at photos and pictures, and draw and doodle a lot.

Careers that suit picture smart people are artist, engineers, and architects.
Here are some things a parent can do to help their child become more picture smart or spatial:

1. Explore the world of art.
2. Keep a visual journal.
3.Collect pictures, images, or designs.
4. Take pictures of your day.
5. Create your own video
6. Take a class in something of interest.
7. Spend a few minutes a day looking around you.
8. Look for visual patterns in every day life.
9. Have a picture conversation by drawing instead of talking.
10. Create an art area in your home with as many art materials available as possible.

If your child is already picture smart or spatial make sure they are involved in physical activities such as sports, or play a musical instrument or sing in a choir, read books of interest, play logic games and try learning a foreign language. To learn more about the picture smart/spatial intelligence read, "Your Smarter Than You Think", by Thomas Armstrong, PhD. or google multiple intelligences. To get more involved in your child's education, purchase my newly released book, "A Parents Handbook: How to Get the Best Education for Your Child K-6 Grades". You can order it at or .


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