Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Different Types of Intelligences

Howard Gardner has identified 7 types of intelligences in his Multiple Intelligences Theory. When asked for advice on how parents could rear successful children, Gardner replied that we should not try to make our children good at what we ourselves were good at, or what we ourselves were not good at. Gardner says that our job is to help our children become who they are supposed to be, and not what we think they should be Some parents find it difficult to do.

Teachers and recognize that all children are gifted in some area. It is our job to find out the strengths and weakness of each child. We must strengthen their weaknesses and highlight their straights. Gardner's 7 types of intelligences are:

1. Linguistic Children - These children with this kind of intelligence enjoy writing, reading, telling stories, or doing crossword puzzles.

2. Logical-Mathematical Children - These children have lots of logical intelligence are interested in patterns, categories and relationships. They are good at arithmetic, strategy games, and experiments.

3. Bodily-Kinesthetic - These children process knowledge through bodily sensations. They are often athletic, dancers, or good at crafts such as sewing or woodworking.

4. Spatical - These children think in images and pictures. They are fascinated with jigsaw puzzles, mazes, or spend time drawing and daydreaming.

5. Musical - These children are always singing or drumming. They are usually aware of sounds others may miss. These children know what music they like or don't like.

6. Interpersonal Children - These children are leaders among their peers, who are good at communicating and who seem to understand others' feelings and motives other.

7. Intrapersonal Children - These children may be shy. They are very aware of their own feelings and are self-motivated.
8. Naturalistic - These children learn best when the subject involves collecting and analyzing, or is closely related to something in nature.

The most important thing for teachers and parents to do is recognize the signs of intelligences and help develop them. Tomorrow I am going to start with the Linguistic child and go into an in depth description. I will also tell you how to develop and strengthen this type of child's intelligence. So, stay tune for tomorrow and for the rest of the week to learn about all Gardner's Intelligences and then the different learning styles. For more helpful tips on your child's education, purchase my newly released book, "A Parent's Handbook: How to Get the Best Education Possible for Your Child K-6 Grades". Order at http://www.besteducationpossible.com/ or http://www.amazon.com/ .


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