Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Child Is Music Smart. How Can I Expand His/Her Music Smarts Even More!

Even if your child has Music Smart abilities, you can still expand and develop them even more. According to Thomas Armstrong, PhD., here are some Music Smart ideas you can use t help you understand and develop the other intelligences in school and in life:

1. Word Smart - Set spelling words and vocabulary to music. Remember how you learned you ABCs to a song when you were much younger?

2. Logic Smart - set math to music. Have you ever heard the songs or raps for learning the multiplication tables?

3. Picture Smart - Play different types of recorded music and see what kinds of visual images, feelings, or ideas come to you while listening.

4. Body Smart - Try moving to the music. Move any way you want, it doesn't have to be dancing.

5. People Smart - Use music as a way to reach out to people. Go to concerts and watch how other people enjoy music.

6. Self Smart - Listen to music and songs that you love. When the music make you feel something, notice what the emotion is.

7. Nature Smart - Listen for music in nature. Go outside and listen to the animals, insects, or sounds in nature.

No matter what your child's intelligence is you can help develop the Music Smart in him/her. Decide which ones would be the most fun and easiest for your child, and try the activities.


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