Thursday, April 22, 2010

What If My Child Is Word Smart And You Want to Strengthen That Skill?

According to Stephen Armstrong, if your child is already "Word Smart" , you can still become even more "Word Smart". Use your reading to work on your speaking, or your speaking to build up your writing. There are always new way to learn and grow. Below are some suggestions on how to become even stronger as a "Word Smart" individual"

1. Write your own words and rhymes to songs to help you learn melodies and rhythm.

2. Talk yourself through problems. For example, if you're doing a math problem, talk quietly to yourself about how to solve the problem.

3. When you're reading, picture what the characters and the places look like. If it helps, draw a scene, map, or even the character.

4. Act in school plays or in skits that you and your friends put together. Imagine how the character you're playing walks, sits, even sneezes!

5. Watch people around you. A key to being a good speaker or storyteller is convincing people. To do that, it helps to understand why people do what they do and be good at reading people's responses.

6. Keep a personal journal. Use it to look at your feeling, explore your goals, and examine your responses to the people and events around you.

7. Take a page from many other cultures over the ages and write myths to explain what you see in nature and all around you.


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