Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ages and Stages 0 to 2 Years

According to Tiffany Forte, if you have a 1-year old, he/she may be happy rocking out on their piano when your preschool-age brother calls for you. All too soon, the baby's happy tunes turn to whines, then to wails, as he/she sees you dote on the other sibling. They are fed, dry, and was happy moments ago. So what is this?

Perhaps the green-eyed monster. Research shows that babies as young as 6 months get jealous and may squirm or cry to gain back Mom or Dad's attention when they engage with other siblings, spouse, or pets. Below are jealousy soothers to handle your baby's envy distress, according to Dr. Sybil Hart, Ph.D., professor of human development and family studies at Texas Tech University in Lobbock:

1. Foster friendliness. Establish a social atmosphere by having family and friends around. Your infant will see that sharing and spending time with others is a good thing.

2. Try to multitask. Hold your toddler while communication with others, or offer the child a simple task (such as spying where the bananas are hiding) when you, say, run into a friend at the supermarket.

3. Consider other causes. Your baby may seek your attention when he/she is hungry or tired. If you think they are overstimulated, remove them from the stressful environment.

Remember jealousy in little ones, though sometimes trying, is not a bad thing. "It shows your baby is mature and high-functioning," says Dr. Hart


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