Monday, August 2, 2010

Parent-Teacher Relationships: Part II

Lisa Capretto interviewed Stacey Nelson, a third grade teacher, about things teachers wish parents knew before sending their children to school. Below are the things Ms. Nelson wanted parents to know.

Be Involved:

1. Check children's agendas and take-home folders every night. Not only does this help you stay on top of updates and what's going on in the classroom, but it also shows your child that you are checking in.

2. Check on homework regularly. Go over your child's work, but don't do it for the child. It is very important to review your child's homework. If the child gets the answer wrong, take the time to help him/her understand why. Don't just tell the child the answer.

3. Address behavior issues at home. "Children don't enjoy getting in trouble," Nelson says. "So when they come home and tell you about how mean the teacher is, keep in mind they may be telling the story in a way that they won't get punished. "If this happens, try to get to the heart of the issue and uncover the facts, so you can address it.
Turn in tomorrow and get tips from Stacey Nelson on how to be organized for the school year


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