Sunday, August 8, 2010

Showing "Love" in the Classroom

I had a request to re-enter an old blog on "Showing Love in the Classroom", so I decided to share it again. In Huntsville, Alabama the teachers, staff, and children start school tomorrow and I need to revisit this blog as well. Enjoy!

Every year when school starts and a new class enters my classroom, there is an anticipation and excitement of things to come. The first thing I do is ask the Lord to give me a special love for every child in my care. I pray for patience, wisdom, and the ability to reach each child, but love is the most important ingredient. There is always one or two children that challenges my very soul, but with those challenges comes change in my own spiritual journey.

Some children refuse to let you in or have some much anger that there are walls almost impossible to move. Some children are so troubled that it is hard to understand what has caused such negative behavior. So, everyday you chip away inch by inch, brick by brick, wall by wall, until you see the slightest ray of light in their eyes and love grows in your, and hopefully, in their hearts. A smile may appear on a cold inexpressive face or laughter comes at an unexpected moment. These special times move your emotions and you just know or hope you know how to reach them. These are the children that no ones likes, or can be very disrespectful, and are unmoved by any act of kindness. These children need to know someone cares about them more than they need math, science, reading, and social studies. When you show them love, magically, the academics emerge and they become excited about learning.

What happens to children that causes such troubled behavior? You may or may never know, but if you can show some compassion and love, you may change and save a life. Some days I fail and don't react or I don't have the patience that I should, but I always try to do better each day. That is why I love education so much! That is how I learn as much from the children as they learn from me. That is why I must love and give of myself to reach out to the next generation and give them what God has always given me. LOVE!


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