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How To Motivate Your Children To Read: Part 1

How To Motivate Your Children To Read
July 5th, 2011

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Studies have found that children who are given plentiful reading materials are more likely to go further in school and succeed than those who aren’t provided reading opportunities at home. Good reading habits are built at home regardless the educational background of parents or caregivers. It is what a parent does to encourage their children to love reading even before starting school times. It needs simple steps and habits that will help your children be a skillful reader and enthusiastic learner.

Children explore things around them even from a few months of age. They listen to your voices, look at images, and point to object which attracts them. At this age you need to help them associate pictures and images with words to build their understanding in relating words to things.

Read to your children every day. This can’t be stressed. You should point and read words as many as you encounter. Books can encourage a child’s mind so that they can view the world outside themselves. At this age, they are so self-centered and reading stories may help them realize other have feelings, too.

Activity: Free-choice Reading
Let your child select the books they want to read. Help them with picture reading if they don’t get the stories. At this age, they will not actually read, but mimic what they hear. As they read pictures, ask some simple questions. Talk about what they see in the pictures and ask them. This activity will promote their reasoning skills and help them relate things occurring in the stories, indicating them to be an active reader.

Tomorrow read tips to motivate pre-schoolers to read


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