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How To Motivate Your Children To Read: Part 2

How To Motivate Your Children To Read

July 5th, 2011
Author: The Journalists from dailyfreeinformation.com

Studies have found that children who are given plentiful reading materials are more likely to go further in school and succeed than those who aren’t provided reading opportunities at home. Good reading habits are built at home regardless the educational background of parents or caregivers. It is what a parent does to encourage their children to love reading even before starting school times. It needs simple steps and habits that will help your children be a skillful reader and enthusiastic learner.

Pre-school Age

Here at the year of 3 to 5, your child’s curiosity about the world definitely arises. Fertilize that curiosity by allowing them do an activity with you, particularly one which demands them to read. For instance, cooking a cake needs reading the recipe. You can show your child the box in which they can get pictures. As they get the picture of eggs, help them to find the word eggs. This word and picture association will reinforce their understanding. Now is the time to learning letters.

Activity: It is in the Name
Here you will need cardboard papers, pencils, crayons, markers and glue. You will also need macaroni, glitter and some small crafty objects. The idea is that your child loves seeing their names and knows that words belong to them. Write an outline of your child’s name using a highlighter. Ask your child to say each letter as they trace and write it. Once the name is completed, let them decorate the letters using small beads of glue. Hang their creation where they can point and repeat the letters.


Now your child is in school. You can reinforce what they get in school. Remember, a great reader starts at home. Be sure to put reading a priority for your child at home. Set aside some reading after school with television being turned off and less distraction. Reward them a trip to library when they accomplish a specific goal of reading.


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