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The Perfect Present For Every Grade: Ages 3-5

The perfect present for every grade
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Looking for gifts that will delight your children — and inspire them, too? We can help. We've assembled a grade-by-grade cornucopia of games, toys, books, and gadgets your kids will love — no matter their age.

Duplo Play with Numbers
Ages: 3-5
This set of oversize Legos (perfect for younger hands) comes with a unique figurine — a friendly dalmatian puppy — and, more important for little learners, a colorful collection of illustrated counting blocks. Each block in Duplo Play with Numbers features a visual representation of that number, whether it's three ice cream cones, four birds, or 10 bees. Truly the building blocks of early math skills.
Bottom line: These extra-large Legos are perfect for kids working on their 123s.

Chased by Dinosaurs
Ages: 4 and up
Got a kid deep in a brachiosaur phase? He or she will drool over this collection of 30-minute episodes in which charismatic zoologist Nigel Marven travels through time to tour seven prehistoric eras. The digital effects are surprisingly decent, and the science is compelling enough for novices and aspiring paleontologists alike.
Bottom line: There are a lot of dinosaur DVDs out there, but Chased by Dinosaurs is one of the best.

Ladybug Girl
By Jackie Davis, iIllustrated by David Soman
Ages: 3-5
Everybody's busy: Lulu's older brother won't let her tag along because she is too little, and Mom and Dad don't have time. What's a girl to do? Enter Lulu's alter ego: Ladybug Girl. Complete with wings and a ladybug polka dot skirt, Ladybug Girl and her faithful sidekick, the family basset hound that is never too busy, go off on their own adventures saving the yard from danger. With wonderful illustrations accompanying the hilarious text, Ladybug Girl is an all-time favorite picture book and a riotous read.

Automoblox Minis
Ages: 3-5
Made of sturdy beech wood and plastic, these colorful, snap-together toy cars are designed with kids' development in mind. Children can flex those gross and fine motor muscles while boosting their problem-solving skills by taking apart the Automoblox Minis and reassembling the pieces to create many new combinations. Even the red, green, and blue wheels snap off, though they might be prone to getting lost. While Automoblox fall on the expensive side of toy cars, they're built to last — and promote learning.
Bottom line: These high-quality toy cars will help kids' brains go vroom.

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