Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tip #42: Read Aloud with Your Child.

To foster a love of reading, keep reading together! Even if your kids can read very difficult literature all by themselves. This brings us to tip #42.

Tip #42: Read aloud with your child.

Reading aloud can expand your children's vocabulary, and your conversations can help them understand and enjoy reading more. This is how you can help your child become a lifelong reader. So, regardless of your child's age or comprehension level, continue to read together ritual. Maximize your time with these four suggestions:

1. Pick books that your child can read and understand easily . Shelve books that seem way over your child's head. It's tempting to push his/her literary limits, but the goal is understanding and enjoying.

2. Listen to audio books. It's not cheating, really; it's a terrific way to engage kids. Press "Play" during car rides or after dinner.

3. Revisit favorites. A second read is a great chance to discuss subtleties and encourage him/her to move beyond just the plot.

4. Find out what your child is interested in and look for books on that topic.


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