Friday, December 23, 2011

Tip #43: Girls and Boys Learn Differenently at Different Rates.

There is scientific evidence that girls and boys learn differently. That brings us to tip #43.

Tip #43: Girls and boys learn differenently at different rates.

According to Michael Gurian, educator and family therapist, girls talk sooner, develop better vocabularies, read better, and have better fine motor skills. Boys, on the other hand, have better auditory memory, are better at three-dimensional reasoning, are more prone to explore, and achieve greater abstract design ability after puberty. What does all this mean? There are new researched based methods to educate our children based on brain science, neurological development, and chemical and hormonal disparities. This is why parents should not compare children and understand the simple fact that boys and girls learn differently. They also develop at different rates. So, be patient and watch for any unusual delays in development before becoming alarmed, and remember that all children are unique and learn differently.


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