Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Acts Can Change Our World

Inspired Little Acts Can Change Our World

If you are concerned about teaching your children about preserving our planet, little acts can can our world.    According to an advertisement from, green awareness is best learned by "doing" and the easiest way to teach yourself (and your kids!) how to take care of our planet is by finding little ways to pitch in.  Try these simple tips below and to help get you started on your way to leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle that will make you, your kids and the earth proud!

1. Eat Seasonally - Check out your local farmers market for the best of in-season produce that's been grown nearby.  Eating locally grown food is good for the planet and can be a lot affordable than the alternative.

2. Skip the Hose, Opt for Rain - Gardening with your children is a fun activity, and a small step that can help make the earth greener is to set out rain barrels, or any other kind of buckets, to collect rainwater from your roof; then you can us it to water your garden.  It will save money on your water bill, too.

3. Turn Off, Tune In - Dedicate one night a week to TV screen-free entertainment for the whole family.   Enjoy each other's company the old fashion way.  Play cards, board games, or word games with each other.

Find out more ways to save water, energy or reduce waste by going to


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