Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tip #57: Know If Your Child is Body-Kinesthetic

The body-kinesthetic children learn and think with their bodies. They also use their bodies to express themselves or their skills. That brings us to tip # 57.

Tip #57: Know if your child is body-kinesthetic.

In theory, people who have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence should learn better by involving muscular movement,and moving around into the learning experience. These children are generally good at physical activity such as sports or dance. They may enjoy acting or performing, and are good at building and making things. They often learn best by doing something physical, rather than reading or hearing the information. Body-kinesthetic child likes to move around and be active, learn physical skills easily and quickly, move while thinking, enjoy acting in skits or plays, mimic or imitates people's gestures and expressions, play sports, build models with skill, dance gracefully, movement helps them remember, and love recess.
The careers the body-kinesthetic people seem to enjoy and are successful at are athletes, dancers, actors, surgeons, doctors, builders, and soldiers.

Here are some ways to help your child become more body smart:

1. Practice your hand-eye coordination.
2. Join a sports team in your neighborhood or at school.
3. Play charades with family and friends.
4. Look for ideas while you move and exercise.
5. Learn how to give shoulder rubs to your family and friends.
6. Think of an idea and then build it.
7. Learn an art or craft
8. Let your stress go and relax.
9. Take a drama class or try out for a play.
10. Take martial arts lesson.

A body-kinesthetic child should act out their favorite story or poem, exercise to music, draw pictures or symbols to remember information, listen to tapes while walking through nature, dancing, jumping rope, or exercise. Make sure your body-kinesthetic child writes out vocabulary words and traces over the words with their finger, read books that interest them, build things using math skills, use dance and listen to music while learning. To learn more about body-kinesthetic intelligences read,"Your Smarter Than You Think", by Thomas Armstrong, PhD. or google multiple intelligences.


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