Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tip #55: Know if Your Child is a Linguistic Learner or Word Smart.

The linguistic child's strength has to do with words, spoken or written. Children or adults with high verbal-linguistic intelligence are able to express themselves with words and language. That brings us to tip #55.

Tip #55: Know if your child is a Linguistic Learner or Word Smart.

They are typically good at reading, writing, telling stories, and memorizing words along with dates. They tend to learn best by reading the information, taking notes, listening to lectures, and discussion and debate. They also can explain, teach, and persuade by simply speaking. Those who have verbal-linguistic intelligence learn foreign languages very easily as they have high verbal memory and recall. This intelligence are usually found as writers, lawyers, philosophers, journalists, politicians, poets, and teachers.

If you believe your child's strength is the linguistic intelligence, then reading and speaking will come very natural. They should study by taking notes, listening or tape recording information, discussing, and reading over the materials and brainstorming ideas.

How to help your child become more word smart? Your child should:

1. Write down their ideas as they get them.
2. Read about what interest them.
3. Start a journal.
4. Start going to the library.
5. Look up words they don't know in a dictionary.
6. Have a regular storytelling time with your family.
7. Play with words.
8. Play with spoken words.
9. Join a book club where they can discuss books with others.
10. Write their favorite authors.
11. Go listen to writer speak.
12. Learn another language.

All of the intelligences are equal and we all possess some of the other intelligences, but usually one or two are more dominate. It is also important to strengthen the other intelligences . So, linguistic students should try to be a part of playing math logic games, sports, playing an instrument or singing, art lessons, dance, or join Boy/Girls Scouts. These activities will not come naturally, but can be enjoyed by linguistic students and mastered.

For more information on Multiple Intelligences get "You're Smarter Than You Think" by Thomas Armstrong, PhD. or google multiple intelligence.


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