Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tip #60: Know If Your Child is Intrapersonal or Self Smart

The intrapersonal or self smart child has the ability of being self-reflective. Those who are strongest in this intelligence are usually introverts or prefer to work alone. That brings us to tip #60.

Tip #60: Know If Your Child is Intrapersonal or Self Smart.

Intrapersonal or self smart children are highly self-aware and capable of understanding their own emotions, goals and motivations. They learn best when allowed to concentrate on a subject by themselves. They can be perfectionist, like to set and meet own goals, stand up for their beliefs even if not poplar, worry less about what people think of them, know how they are feeling and why, enjoy keeping a diary or writing a journal, have a good sense of who they are, and think about the future and what they want to be someday.

Careers suited for the intrapersonal intelligence include philosophers, psychologists, theologians, writers, and scientist.

To help your child become more intrapersonal or self smart have them:

1. Ask yourself, "Who am I?"
2. Keep a journal.
3. Make a list of thing you do well.
4. Set goals for yourself.
5. Put together your autobiography.
6. Remember your dreams.
7. Read self-help books.
8. Do something you love

It is very important for intrapersonal or self smart children to learn to work cooperatively with others, take up a sports team and get physical exercise, learn an instrument or join a choir, read books of interest, volunteer to help someone or a cause, or take a hike in nature with family or friends. To find out more information on the intrapersonal or self smart child read, "You're Smarter Than You Think," by Thomas Armstrong, PhD.


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