Friday, April 1, 2011

Building a Playground: Part 4

According to an article written by Valle Dwight, every school can have a fun and safe playground. Is your school's play structure worn out, even dangerous? This is day four of the instructions on getting that playground up and going. By following this step-by-step guide, you can create a play space so dazzling that even the coolest fifth graders will come out and play.  
Time to play!

The beauty of a playground project is that all your work has tangible results. The Monday after the renovation, Stowe and other volunteers spent the morning at the playground watching the kids enjoy their new structure. According to Stowe, even the most jaded fifth-graders were playing like little kids again. "It was an amazing thing we did,” she says proudly.

Don't forget to say thanks

You'll probably want to collapse when the project is finished, but Stowe says that sending out thank-you cards (made from kids' drawings of the playground) to donors and volunteers was well worth the effort. Saying thanks will earn you a sandbox full of goodwill for the next time your school is looking to fund a project – maybe to buy those flying pigs!


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