Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

by Gayle Goodson Butler
Editor in Chief, Better Homes and Gardens

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Whether you are simply dyeing eggs or decorating them in creative ways, this classic Easter activity can go beyond egg hunts and into beautiful art. Wow your friends and family with our egg ideas! Below are the second six ideas in the article by Gayle:

1. Easter Egg Flower Pots
Dye eggshells to be pretty pastels using an egg-dyeing kit. Carefully cut an opening in the top of the eggshell and fill with soil and a flower in a complementing color.

2, Eraser Decorating
Pour paint onto a disposable plate. Dip just the end of a pencil eraser into the paint and dot the egg. Wash or wipe off the eraser to change colors. Make sure to dot one color at a time.

Tip: You can also use a cotton swab to make small dots on your egg.

3. Toothpick Decorating
Choose two colors of paint to decorate your egg and pour the paints on a disposable plate. To make the petals of the flower, dip about 1/4 inch of a toothpick into the paint, then lay the toothpick down onto the egg. Repeat to make petals, leaving a space in the middle for the flower center. Using a new toothpick and another color of paint, dip just the tip of the toothpick in paint and dot the center two or three times. Let the egg dry.

4. Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs
Decorate a basket of eggs using rubber bands, stickers, and dye. Simply press the stickers or wrap the rubber bands onto the egg before dipping the eggs in the dye.

5. Candy Dots
Little fingers will love transforming colored eggs into cute-as-a-button 3-D show-offs for Easter celebrations. All it takes is colorful candy dots that are attached to the eggshell with thick frosting. Make your own frosting paste by stirring together powdered sugar and a little bit of water. Be sure it's thick enough to stick. Purchased frosting from a can works, too. Be sure your eggs are cool before applying the dots.

6. Polka-Dot Eggs
The fun goes on after the dipping and dyeing is done. Make patterns on your Easter eggs using colorful stickers or by gluing on circles punched out of colored paper.

Editor's Tip: Cater to shorter attention spans by having the dyed eggs ready to go before little ones start to decorate.


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