Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Start an Anti-Bullying Campagin: Part 3

How to start an antibullying program and want to nip bullying in the bud? Start a program that stops the torment before it starts.
By Connie Matthiessen

This is the 3rd part of Connie's article on starting an anti-bullying campaign.  This is a very important issue in schools and parents can help so something about bullying. 
Never too early to start

Despite Newman's success, the new program came too late for her own son. "It's crucial to stop bullying early, or it can become embedded in the culture of a school and a kid will become a permanent target," she says. "He gave it another try last fall, and the bullying started up again on the first day of school." Still, Newman's story has a happy ending: Her son is doing well at a new school, and has lots of friends. "Now that he's in a healthy environment, he's thriving," she says.

Even though her son won't directly benefit from her work, Newman has no regrets. She knows the program she worked so hard to establish is going to help other children and families like hers. She and DiMarco’s experience even culminated in a book about what they've learned. When Your Child is Being Bullied: Real Solutions for Families will be published in August 2011.


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