Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fine Arts and Physical Education (Ages 3-6)

 According to a post from Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori school at, education in fine arts and physical education is offered according to the age and development of the child.

Pre-Primary (Ages 3-6)
Activities and materials for art and music are part of the child's day-to-day classroom work. Children express themselves artistically with a variety of media, such as crayons, chalk, pencils, paint, clay, textiles, dyes, and various papers. Musical experiences include singing, dancing, moving to rhythms, and even songwriting. Music and art are also explored culturally as they connect to historical periods and geographical places. Drawing a flag, dancing a folk dance, or listening to a work by a great composer can be part of an exploration of a country. Small- motor activities are guided in the classroom both in group and individual settings. Children have a daily outdoor play time (weather permitting), where they engage in free play and large-motor activities, as well as outdoor games offered under the teacher's guidance.
Beginning in kindergarten, students have a weekly physical education class taught by our phys. ed. specialist. A weekly music/movement class is also offered to kindergartners. The teacher is both a musician and a dancer, and these disciplines are thoroughly integrated in the weekly music/movement class.


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