Monday, June 13, 2011

Four Reasons Why Children Should Listen to Music

According to a post from Singing Kernels at, the childhood years should be a lot of fun for the child and the parents as well. During this stage, it is very important that the parents would give attention to avoid delays in the development of their child. They should make every activity a fun and learning experience. One of the best ways to do so is by letting them listen to the right kinds of music. This would help them enhance their mental, physical, as well as their emotional foundation all at the same time. Read on to know some of the other skills that would be developed in your children when you let them listen to music.
Reason 1 – They have better concentration compared to those who do not listen to music from the start
Children who are taking musical lessons usually develop better concentration. Why? They will be taught how to focus on their activity during the whole duration of the lesson. When they do this with their music instructors, they would also do the same with their teachers at school as well. They can give more attention to their subjects, thus improving their academic performance and grades. Moreover, they can also do this when doing other activities and projects at the same time.
Reason 2 – They have enhanced hand-eye coordination
Whenever they practice their musical instrument, they would improve coordination in their hands and their eyes. The children would also get to develop their motor skills too. It is the same with the benefits that they can get whenever they play basketball, volleyball, and other sports.
Reason 3 – While learning, they can also relax at the same time with music
As a matter of fact music is a great therapy and one of the most effective medicines for all those who are stressed or having emotional dilemmas. Studies also show that when listening to music, children are less likely to experience tantrums. It can also be your way to calm them down especially before nap time.
Reason 4 – They will have stronger social skills
Children would be able to interact with others through listening. They would be aware of the relationship of the emotions and the sounds that are present in the song. According to the experts, children would easily know the emotional state of the other people by listening on how they speak.


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